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For some reason, when I was in college I was never really bitten by the travel bug. While all of my friends traveled abroad to study, I was content to stay in Harrisonburg (Go Dukes!) and study my journalism classes. Well, that’s not exactly totally true. I did try to get my parents to let me take a trip to the Galapagos Islands during spring break of my freshman year (I was a biology minor, it fascinated me).

The answer was no, and I didn’t ask again. I did eventually go on an alternative spring break trip to Tahlequah, Oklahoma during spring break of my junior year, and to Panama City Beach for my senior one…but neither of those trips truly spoke to a growing need I was beginning to feel … the need to travel.

Now, a few years after graduation and four states of residence later, I’ve made travel a regular part of my life. After graduation I moved to St. Augustine, Florida, and from there to Manhattan, and then Denver. I’ve taken trips to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Banff, Niagra Falls, Australia, the Galapagos Islands, the Ecuadorian Amazon, Peru, Japan and more. Now that I’m a mom, there’s nothing I love more than hitting the road with my three littles, as well. My hope is that — along with keeping a travel diary of sorts — I can teach myself something with this blog, and that I can share helpful travel tips and tricks with whomever might be interested.

I’m so glad you found me — welcome to Weary Wanderer … and bis bald!

By the way, for a quick update on some past trips, you’ll find everything you could possibly want to know — and probably a bit more … — in my Year in Review archives. Happy travels!

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  1. Hi Weary

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    Thanks 🙂


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  3. Hey Cheryl, I do alot of day hiking but am soon going on a backpacking trip for a few days. I have never peed outside before and will have to on the hike. I was looking for advice on how to do it, is there a way to go without getting it on myself, whats the best method. You can email me at elizabethsarah59@yahoo.com. Any advice would be great.

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