While I definitely don’t claim to be an expert, I do have some fun ideas in mind for this blog. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Back in the Borough: So I live in Manhattan, New York, pretty much the best city in the world (if you find better, please feel free to challenge me, but you will not win), and therefore, from time to time, I will share bits from what’s going on right here, in my own borough.

From the Archives: Travel blasts from my past for all to enjoy

Where in the World?: So, I really love to travel, but I’m really horrible at geography. Here’s where I’ll teach myself (and hopefully you!) a little something new about the world around me

Travel Tips & Tricks: It’s my belief that this blog will become so overwhelmingly popular that at some point really important travel writers and authors will want to be interviewed for it. Yup. That will go here.

Guest Bloggers: Pretty self-explanatory

Gear, Gadgets, Gizmos and Goodies (aka, G4): Here’s where I’ll talk about the great goodies that will make traveling easier, more fun, or just plain exciting.

Travel with a Purpose: Great organizations that allow you to travel and volunteer at the same time

2 thoughts on “Minutia

  1. Hey, I love your blog! I’m moving to Colorado later this year so it’s great to see your beautiful photos from that area!
    I hope you don’t mind but I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award.

    1. You are so sweet, Grainne! I’m glad that my photos are helping you get excited for Colorado as well — it really is a beautiful area. And thank you so much for the nomination! I’ll go ahead and figure out what I need to do for that right now …. happy blogging!

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