A Japanese Adventure- Before It Even Starts

Well Chris has made it safe and sound to his final Japanese destination—Niseko. His journey wasn’t without its bumps, though. After finding out that he had booked his connecting flight from New Chitose to Niseko on the wrong day (arrive in Tokyo Sunday afternoon, but booked connecting flight for Saturday, rookie mistake), he had to do a bit of reconfiguring.

Anyway, after the mix-up he managed to rejigger the schedule so it looked a little something like this:

Depart JFK, arrive in Naritu
Stay at K’s House Hostel
Depart Haneda, arrive in Niseko Village

Looking at that schedule, and thinking about traveling alone, in a country where the language is not my own, combined with that subway map from my previous post— I gotta say, I don’t know if I could do it on my own. Chris’s ability to travel on his own, such long distances, to such foreign places where he doesn’t even speak the language, it amazes me.

Other than the fact that the hostel was great, and that he went on a short adventure with some people he met there for sushi and to see some ancient temples and ruins (I seriously cannot wait to see those photos), so far, the most I’ve gotten from Chris’s emails is that the people in Japan seem very friendly, and that everything is extremely punctual. He also was surprised at the lack of technology he’s found so far. There was no internet hook-up in the airport or the hotel, which seems crazy to me. More to come on that later…

Back on the home front, Steph and I finally did end up booking out flights and hotel in Rome. We’re flying out on a Sunday in May and arriving in London Monday morning. We’ll stay with Chris’s sister Monday and Tuesday night, and then board a sleeper train to Rome on Wednesday. We’ve got a cute little B&B booked for our Rome stay (at least we hope it’s cute!), and then we’ll fly out Monday.

But I don’t want to talk about flying out yet! For now, I want to talk about all the fun day trips we’re going to plan, and all the lovely sisterly bonding we’ll do while there.

Till next time, bis bald my friends…see you soon!

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