A Prince Edward Island Trip—Part Deux

So Cath just sent us a text message to say that she’s on the plane now, headed back to Aus-Town.


It’s only been two weeks, but MAN we packed it in in two weeks! We had gotten pretty used to having that bundle of Aussie energy around…it’ll take a bit to get back to normal, I think.

Anyway, in honor of Cath’s last day, here’s what happened on our last day of adventures at Prince Edward Island….

It was last  Saturday, and we had had a pretty full day the day before. Still, there were plenty of items left on Cath’s list, and we were determined to get them all finished.

After getting ready, the three of us headed down to breakfast (salmon quiche…yum!). This time we got a table all to ourselves, but we were sure to say hi to our buddies from the morning before—and to Dale, of course.

After loading up on food, we all climbed back into our trusty rental car and headed out for the 2 hour drive to North Cape, which is at the very tip of the island, and is where the tides actually converge.

Cath atop her hill

After taking in the sites, we hopped into the gift store, and then ate at the North Cafe where, you guessed it, Chris and I tried Lobster Roll No. 2 (Lobster Roll No. 2 rating: 1.3. According to Chris, it would have been a 3.3, but he found a bit of a shell, so that was disappointing. The meat was tastier, though, and the roll was pretty good, too).

Back in the car after lunch, we decided to take the scenic route back and stop in a little town called Summerside, which had been recommended to us.

Turns out, there’s not much going on in Summerside. We did, however, decide to stop at a Tim Hortons, after Chris convinced us that it wouldn’t be a true Canadian experience without trying some coffee and donuts from there. So in we went. After ordering a large hot chocolate, a small mocha, one jelly donut and one Boston creme, we went to pay. Chris swiped his card.


He swiped again.

Nothing again.

So Cath tried a card. And then another card. Nothing would work. So we tried cash. Unfortunately the only person who had any cash was Cath, and it just so happened to be a $50 bill.

They wouldn’t take it.

So we stood there, dumbfounded. I mean, we were trying to pay! “Well I guess we can’t pay. I’m not sure if you’ve already made the drinks,” says Chris.

They had, and so the lady (who was probably every bit as annoyed with us as we were with her) just gave them to us.

That’s right, my friends. Cath, Chris and I got a small mocha and a large hot chocolate for free from Tim Hortons. But you can’t say we didn’t at least try to pay for it!

Back in car we discovered that we did have just a tiny bit of Canadian change.

So Chris went back in and got the donuts.

Totally worth it.

After our little pit stop we drove on to Borden-Carleton so Cath could see the Confederation Bridge—the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered water at almost 13 kilometers.

It costs $43.25 to cross this bridge. I mean…that’s a lot of money, right?

So we decided to admire it from afar:


It seriously was pretty impressive. It was so long it got lost in the fog of the day…we couldn’t even see to the other side.

It was also right before this little bridge detour that Chris and I had a bit of an unraveling. Maybe it was Cath’s eagerness to take everything in, or perhaps it was the fact that she had waited a really long to be at Prince Edward—whatever the reason, she was, as I have mentioned before, quite the little Energizer Bunny on this trip.

Chris and I…not so much.

So when Cath got back into the car after hopping into a Visitor Center to ask for directions and told us to take a left to head down to see the bridge, Chris’s response was, “That’s stupid.”

I don’t know why this was funny to me. For some reason, right then and there, nothing in the world had ever been as funny. I started to laugh, silently. And I kept laughing, silently, until I started to cry, at which point I started laughing loudly. Chris looked over, perplexed, then started laughing himself.

From the backseat poor Cath chimed in, “What? What are you two up to?”

I don’t think we ever answered, because there really wasn’t an answer to give. It was a family road trip, and Chris and I had, for those few split seconds, turned into crazed, laughing, crying people. And I couldn’t even really tell you why.

Anyway, after our momentary outburst, we did make our way to the bridge, and as I said, I’m glad we did. It was quite a site.

On the way back into Charlottetown we drove through the little shopping district and picked ourselves up another Cows ice cream. I’m telling you—delish.

Back at the B&B Cath got ready for her play (which, by the way, she says we fabulous. I believe I should be receiving her very own guest Weary Wanderer post at some point, though, so I’ll leave that for her to explain), and Chris and I got ready to head out to Peake’s Quey (at the suggestion of Dale), a local bar that had live music, and, ahem, was home to “P.E.I’s largest outdoor patio.”


We drank some draft beer…

And, you guessed it—tried our third and final lobster roll (Lobster Roll No.3 rating: 3.3. The lobster was pretty good, but the roll wasn’t the regular hot-dog-bun type roll we were used to, it was more of a sandwich roll. Bring back the hot-dog-bun type roll!).

Anyway, after the bar we picked Cath up at the theater and headed home to pack up since, as I mentioned before, our flight home was at 7 a.m.

All in all, I would say it was a fantastically successful trip, and I hope Cath thinks so, too.

Bis bald, friends!

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  1. Again, this was informative (and really funny) to read! Glad the last day was fun also and Cath has lots of good and funny memories!

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