A Solo Mom-Daughter Trip to New York With Grace


Happy Tuesday, friends! Grace and I returned yesterday from our first-ever solo mom-daughter trip, and we had a blast! I’ve taken Lotte out to New York by myself twice in the past, and although it’s always a ton of work (major shout-out to all the single parents out there … oh my gosh is it exhausting!), I always have the best time bonding one-on-one with the girls individually.

This time Grace and I flew out to New York so that we could attend my sister’s two baby showers, one of which was actually in Pennsylvania. We got to hang with so much family, and Grace got to be the sole recipient of so many cuddles and kisses … plus she didn’t have to share her toys with anyone, which was a huge plus in her book! My sister had Monday off last week anyway, but then she ended up having snow days on both Tuesday and Thursday and she got out early on Wednesday, so all-in-all it was a great week to be visiting.

As much fun as I had with G — and I did! — it was definitely hard to be away from Lotte for that long (10 full days!). I knew she was going to have a blast back home with Chris and Auntie Kate, and I had written her notes for each night I was gone, and left stickers, and we facetimed a whole bunch, but really, there’s no substitute for being in person. Honestly, coming home and seeing how excited she was to see both myself and Grace was just the best ending to an awesome trip that I possibly could have hoped for.

Here are some photos from my first-ever solo trip with Grace! I hope I always get to have solo adventures with my girls … it’s just the best way to bond!

^^ We scored a seat for G on the flight out to New York, which honestly is a game changer! On the way home we weren’t quite so lucky, and she had to sit on my lap the entire time, but we made it through and that’s all that matters!

^^ My baby sister is having a baby! I honestly still can’t believe it! We can’t wait to meet you in late Feb/early March, baby Rosalie!

^^ I always love when my girls get to hang with their PA cousins. Little Molly is 7 months old, so it was adorable to see how she and G interacted with each other.

^^ Baby Shower No. 1 in PA was a success!

^^ Steph’s baby will be cousin No. 6 for this side of the family, and we honestly cannot wait!

^^ Cutest couple ever alert 😉

^^ Back at Aunt Stephie’s, G had the best time ever with Linus Puppy, as we have affectionately named him.

^^ Plus we got to see Moe, one of my oldest and dearest besties!

^^ My brother-in-law’s family had a dinner for us last Wednesday so that his mom, sister and I could go over the final details for our own shower, and Grace soaked up every last bit of her solo baby time there!

^^ G also obliged Aunt Stephie by trying out all her new nursery things <3

^^ The Lakeview House in Newburgh was the prettiest winter setting for Baby Shower No. 2!

^^ Grace got to hang out with the guys at The Golden Rail in Newburgh — one of Chris’ favorite places — before coming over to the shower. They said she was amazing and had the best time with them, which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

^^ On the Sunday before we flew out, we went to visit my grandma — so Grace & Lotte’s great-grandma — at her assisted living place. These times that my daughters get to spend with my grandma mean so much to me <3 My grandma (and her twin!) will be 97 in a couple weeks. Can you even believe that?! They are pretty special ladies.

^^ Heart strings BURSTING when we returned home and were our own little family again! Thank you Auntie Kate for documenting this moment!

img_7220img_7221img_7222img_7223^^ There is absolutely nothing better …

And that was our trip in a nutshell, friends! It’s been a whirlwind of a January, with our first week spent in Australia and the past 10 days with me and G in New York. If this past month has been any indicator, I think 2019 will be a year for the books, and I look forward to everything it will be bringing.

Bis bald, friends!

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