And We’re Off to The Windy City

I’m excited friends—tomorrow I head off to Chicago to meet my best friend for a desperately needed girl’s weekend, and to watch Chris run his third marathon.

I’ve never been to Chicago before, and as it stands, Lisa’s and my list of ‘Must Dos’ looks a little something like this:

1.) Seeing Chris in the race.
2.) Second City
3.) Some sort of tour (segway or double-decker)
4.) Massage
5.) Aquarium
6.) Chicago Pizza
7.) Wine drinking and merriment

Last night Chris made my marathon-watching map, which includes four potential spots for me to see him.

And Lisa’s mom, being the wonderful person that she is, booked us at the Omni Downtown with her miles.

So it looks like I’m all set! Here’s to an awesome Chicago weekend! Bis bald, friends!


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