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Happy Friday friends!

I wanted to quickly share a short round-up with you of some places I’ve been to in good ole’ NYC in the past few weeks. As Chris and I move towards this potentially big goal of ours for next year (I still haven’t gone into detail on that yet, I know … don’t worry, it’s coming!), we’re trying to make the most of our time here in the city.

[So yes, the big goal may involve a big move next year … I’ll get to that later.]

Anyway, I’ve had a list of places I want to visit in this fabulous city for quite a while now, and we’re slowly but surely putting a small dent in them. So without further adieu, here’s a bit of what’s been happening Back in the Borough lately:

1. Antique Garage

^^How homey! Photo courtesy of Antique Garage Website
^^How homey! Photo courtesy of Antique Garage Website

Located on 41 Mercer St. in Soho, this cute little restaurant is everything I wanted it to be, and more. The restaurant itself was converted from an old mechanic shop, and it’s unlike any other restaurant you’ll find in the city. They’ve got live music most nights (although sadly not on the night we went when Chris’s sister and her boyfriend were in town from Australia), and their dinner menu is chock full of delicious Mediterranean and Turkish foods like Grilled Halloumi Cheese Salad, Turkish Hamburger Deluxe and Aegean Sarma (which is Halloumi cheese slices and tomatoes seasoned with fresh thyme wrapped in grape leaves and grilled).

Yum! Prices are pretty moderate-to-high, depending on what you consider high 😉 (Generally ranging from $24 – $35 for an entree)

2. The Raines Law Room

^^You have to ring this bell to be let in. And even then it's not a sure thing...
^^You have to ring this bell to be let in. And even then it’s not a sure thing…

If you want to feel like the most special person in the world (or like you’re part of a secret cult/club), you should head to The Raines Law Room at 48 W. 17th St. You’ll head down a short staircase from the sidewalk to a black door with a doorbell on the left. (See photo, totally stolen from my friend who visited this place with me.) Inside (if you’re lucky enough to make it in) you’ll find a dark and mysterious room filled with comfy couches and tasty cocktails, champagnes, wines and liqueurs. Don’t expect to be able to taste something more than once, though, because the menu changes frequently. There’s an outdoor area as well, where it would be super fun to sit on a nice day. As one of the reviews from their site states: “I thought that I was over the whole neo-speakeasy mixologist trend but I guess not. You walk down the steps of a unmarked building, ring the doorbell, and are transported back into a scene from the prohibition era. There are plenty of private tables and velvet couches all equipped with wall buzzers that will summon your waitress.” And while the cocktails are quite pricey (mine were $17 a piece) … sometimes it’s just worth it.

3. The Marrow


Full disclosure: One of Chris’s good friends works at The Marrow so yes, we are a bit biased. But still–it was delicious. And I’m pretty sure you’d say that even if you didn’t know the head chef. Cocktails here are fantastic (I went for the namesake Marrow 75, made of bitter truth pink gin, lemon, sage and blanc de blancs, pictured above), and the food is even better. I had the Crispy Kale & Bale Scallops appetizer and the pasta special, which was a squid ink linguini with some other deliciousness. This is an adorable little restaurant located in the heart of the West Village at 99 Bank St, but if you’re going here remember to make a reservation. Even if the place looks empty, you’re not likely to get a walk-in seat.

Squid Ink Pasta
Squid Ink Pasta
Kale appetizer
Kale appetizer


4. The Lobby Bar at the Ace Hotel

^^Photo courtesy of
^^Photo courtesy of

Although our visits here haven’t necessarily been recent, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include The Lobby Bar at the Ace Hotel in this list. This comfy spot has slowly become one of our favorites, as we’ve visited a handful of times now. With nothing even remotely resembling a normal, typical hotel lobby, The Lobby Bar is as eclectic a place as you’ll find. It’s dark, noisy and most of the time crowded … but none of that matters. The music is fabulous. The people are interesting. The drinks are tasty. And if you’re lucky enough to snatch a seat on a comfy couch or chair, I defy you to try spending less than an hour there just people watching.

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