Back in the Borough: An Evening With Cupcakes & Cashmere

One of the things I love most about NYC is all of the events. On any given night, in any given part of the city, you will find events for all sorts of fabulous things. Book launches. Magazine fashion shows. Movie premieres. I used to go to a lot more of them when I worked in magazines, but now that I don’t go to as many, that makes them all that much more special when I do.

Tonight it was all about cookie decorating. Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere fame brought her fabulousness to Club Monaco on 5th Ave. for some appetizers, drinks, cookie decorating and discounts. (Club Monaco stuff is nice, but I mean …. that sch&*% can be expensive! Even with the 20% discount that attendees received I didn’t end up buying anything ….).

So I grabbed a friend and we headed on over for the fun.

photo 1^^ Club Monaco is gorgeous! How have I never been inside here before??

photo 2^^ One of my absolute favorite sights

photo 3

photo 4^^ Gettin’ our cookie decorating on!

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8^^ Emily in all her glory. It was like a celebrity sighting.
(And yes, I’m aware how stalkerish this photo is.)

photo 9^^ The clothing displays were so sophisticated.
I thought there was something really beautiful about them.

photo 10



photo 11

photo 12^^ This looked pretty, but it seriously tasted the worst.

photo 13^^ Gift wrapping station!

photo 14^^ The crowd to say hi to Emily grows.

photo 15^^ We walked right in when we arrived, but as we left there was a line growing at the door.
Get it girl! Maybe one day my blog will become so famous I’ll draw amazing crowds, too 😉

After the event we didn’t quite feel like going home yet, so we headed over to the Union Square Holiday Markets to check them out. There is some seriously fun and quirky (and gorgeous!) stuff there …

photo 16^^ I mean, is there anything better than trees all lit up for the holidays?

photo 17

photo 18

photo 19

photo 20

photo 21^^ I just love the Empire State hiding out in the background.

photo 22

photo 24

photo 25



Bis bald, friends! Hope you’re all having a fabulous Tuesday night as well.


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