Back in the Borough: Farewell, Gus, We’ll Certainly Miss You

^^ Gus, the gorgeous Central Park Polar Bear.
^^ Gus, the gorgeous Central Park Polar Bear.

Hi friends,

Well I can’t believe that only two short weeks ago I was at the Central Park Zoo, saying hello to all the amazing animals there — one of which was Gus, the polar bear. It was with great sadness that I read the news yesterday that Gus had to be put down at the ripe old age of 27. The docs had found an inoperable tumor in the poor bear, and he was euthanized.

To be sure, Gus had a good life. Experts say most polar bears living in zoos only live to about 20.7 years old, and after Gus started exhibiting worrisome behaviors (like swimming obsessively for hours in his habitat), the zoo ordered therapy for the bear and made changes to his daily routine to help keep him stimulated and happy.

Still, I hate to hear when any animal dies, especially those being held in captivity.

At least he’s in a happier place, now. You’ll be in my thoughts, Gus.

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