Back in the Borough: The Quintessential Christmas Place in NYC

Hi friends,

So about three or four years ago now, I attempted to visit Rolf’s German Restaurant around Christmas to see what all the commotion was regarding their holiday decorations.

I don’t think we even made it in the door that night it was so packed … and last night wasn’t much different. I made plans with a friend to try to get there as soon as she could after work (we were there by 5:20 at the latest) so as to try to skip the crowds.

Of course that didn’t work out. It was seriously packed even at that early hour. So here are my Rolf’s suggestion.

  1. If you’re visiting NYC during the holidays, you should at least go inside to check out all the decorations. Christmas threw up in here … and it’s wonderful.
  2. Try as hard as possible to go during a week day at an off hour — like maybe as soon as it opens, or around 2 p.m. or something. I assume it’s not as busy as then, but really can’t be sure.

So anyway, we stopped inside for a couple minutes last night, took some photos and dipped out to a nearby bar, instead.


Photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

And the 2013 Christmas Craziness continues! Bis bald, friends! Hope your season is filled with just as many amazing decorations (and snow!) as mine has been so far.

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