Link Love: Week of Nov. 18


Hi friends,

Hope everyone’s gearing up for an amazing Thanksgiving. This is most definitely my favorite time of year, and I’m finding it hard to stop myself from buying up all the thick tights, sparkly skirts and fun jewelry that I come across.

Of course, when I come across travel deals that I’d love to splurge on, it’s much easier for me to tuck that credit card back into my wallet and save up for some faraway destination ….

Speaking of which, here are five great deals I’ve seen across the web this week:

  1. 7-night land package to the Galapagos Islands, from $1,299 (Travelzoo)
  2. $60-worth of wine and food at Bahr Che in New York, $30 (TravelZoo)
  3. 2-night stay for two at the Banff Caribou Lodge & Spa, $219 (Living Social)
  4. 6-day trip to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, including round-trip flights from Boston, Chicago, LA, NYC or DC, from $1,499 (Living Social)
  5. 1-night stay for two at the Mount Airy Casino Resort in The Paconos, PA, $99 (Groupon)

In the spirit of the celebratory season, I thought I’d also share a couple of the wedding photos my mother-in-law just sent us through from our party at the Algona Mount Panorama Estate in Bathurst, Australia.



Bis bald, friends!

Photo via Flickr

Link Love: Week of Nov. 11


Hi friends,

Something one of my favorite bloggers does is create a weekly round-up of some of her favorite links from around the web, so I thought I’d try out the same idea … but with travel deals. I come across so many amazing deals from all of the travel newsletters I’m subscribed to, and since I (unfortunately) can’t purchase every single one, I thought I’d round ’em all up so that maybe some of you can score a great deal.

So here’s the first round-up for the week of Nov. 11:


  1. Tickets for ‘A Christmas Carol’ in NYC, $49 (Travelzoo)

  2. City Crab brunch for 2 w/Unlimited Drinks in NYC, $39 (Travelzoo)


  1. 6-day Russian vacation with airfare and accommodation, from $899 (Groupon)

  2. 11-day tour of Thailand with airfare, from $1,499 (Groupon)

  3. 5 Nights in New Zealand including round-trip flights from Los Angeles, an Auckland city sightseeing tour, Harbor cruise and airport/hotel transfers, from $1,599 (Travelscene)

  4. 8-day vacation to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini with airfare and accommodation, from $1,999 (Groupon)

  5. 9-day tour of South Africa with airfare, hotels and game drives, from $1,999 (Groupon)

  6. 8-day trip to Morocco with airfare, hotel, daily breakfast, transportation and guided tours, from $1,999 (Living Social)

Bis bald, friends!

Photo via Flickr