The Adventures of Shirt Dollar: Salzburg Style

Unfortunately I’m lame, and I forgot to take photos of Shirt Dollar actually out and about in Salzburg. However, I remembered the night before we were scheduled to leave, and so I managed to snap a few shots from the hotel room. Hey, it’s still technically Salzburg, people.

Shirt Dollar watching "The Sound of Music" from our hotel room in Salzburg (you know, because they had a station that played the movie 24/7)
Shirt Dollar sitting on the same bench outside of Mirabell Gardens in a painting that Carla and I sat on in real life

The Adventures of Shirt Dollar: Brooklyn Brewery

Welcome to the newest addition of wearywanderer—the Adventures of Shirt Dollar. Shirt Dollar will be making some travels in the upcoming year or so, and I thought I’d share photos with you as we go. In the first installment, Shirt Dollar is making the most of a Saturday afternoon at—

Shirt Dollar at the Brooklyn Brewery