Flashback to Salzburg

About a million years ago I traveled to Salzburg from Munich with my friend for a day trip. And even though I feel like I’ve waited way too long to share all of the long-forgotten details, I still wanted to share a few tidbits of info and some photos.

The first thing is a recommendation for the hotel we stayed—Annex Der Salzburger Hof.—because I loved it. Even though we stayed in the annex part of the hotel, which was across the street from the main building, the room was huge and very nice, and it was super close to the train station, which was exactly what we were looking for since we both had to take an early train back to Munich to catch our flights home. The breakfast was fantastic, and included in the price of the hotel, and the fact that the hotel had a channel that played The Sound of Music 24/7? Well that was just icing on the cake.

So for our first and only day in Salzburg, I was a bit skeptical when Carla recommended purchasing the Salzburgh day pass for 25 Euro. With that pass we would get free entry to all of the big attractions (cable cars, Mozart’s house, castles, a river cruise), and all public transportation would be free as well. But unlike the tours that I was used to, that meant that Carla and I would be in charge of finding our way around the city.

Turns out it was a great option. We got a ton done in just a few hours, and the money we saved on just the first two attractions made it worth it monetarily.

So, in photos, here was our day:

The hills really are alive in Salzburg

The view from the cable car
The view of the town from the castle
Spatzle is delicious

Mirabell Gardens

After a full-on day traveling around the city, Carla and I decided to make a pit stop in one last store before heading to dinner—except that when we came out of the store every restaurant was closed. Seriously. EVERY restaurant! We ended up back at the hotel for dinner, which was fine, but it’s just a note of advice for anyone else planning on traveling to Salzburg—don’t wait too late for dinner. Apparently everyone in Salzburg is done eating after 7 p.m.

Bis bald, friends!

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  1. i want more! haha, loved the pics, and actually, we have some of the same pics, so it brought me back to when dad and i were there on our honeymoon! keep it up, love reading about all the fun excursions!!! xoxoxoxo

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