Gear, Gadgets, Gizmos and Goodies (G4): Passport Edition

Welcome to your (and my!) first Gear, Gadgets, Gizmos and Goodies post. I’m not sure if I would categorize today’s discussion item as either gear or goodie, so let’s just call it both.

About two months ago, I started gearing (pardon my pun!) up for my holiday trip to Australia (more to come on that later). Suitcase? Check. Camera? Check. Passport. Sure, it’s right here in the bottom drawer of my turquoise jewelry box where I…….frick! Where the *e#$ was my passport!?

Was it a rookie mistake to misplace my passport? Sure. But come on now. Who among us hasn’t misplaced an important travel document at least once in our lives? Of course I eventually found it, stashed at the bottom of some cast-away drawer that I rarely use and have no idea when I would have actually put it there. The point is, while I cannot tell you where the best place is to keep your passport so that you will remember where it is, I would say this: 1. Always keep it in the same place. 2. WRITE DOWN where you so cleverly hid it so that when you inevitable lose it, you’ll have an easy way to find it (just don’t forget where you put the paper that has the hiding spot on it, because then you’ll just end up getting even more annoyed) and 3. If you are in charge of more than just your own passport (Boyfriends? Husbands? Wife’s? Kids?) please, for your own sanity, keep them in one place, all together, as one big, happy family.

Okay, so let’s say you’ve made it out of the house with said passport in your possession, now we can get to the real fun stuff! While some people opt for super fancy (read: expensive!) passport holders, I prefer something a little simpler (it’s your own personal preference if you like the pink.) Give your passport some style of its own, and protection against the elements, with a cute passport cover. Bonus points: If it’s in a bold color, it will be much easier to spot in your overly crowded purse.

Until next time…bis bald…and see you soon!

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