Have You Heard of Snique Away?

I’m always game to hear about new travel sites that offer up deals and discounts—it’s pretty much the only way I can afford to travel.

That’s why I was psyched when an email from SniqueAway.com landed in my inbox today. It’s a bit like all of the other savings sites getting about these days—Groupon, LivingSocial, et al. But it’s for travel, and some of the deals seem pretty great. For example, todays locations include a myriad of places, from Miami to The Grenadines to Nashville to the Caribbean. Love the diversity.

And the discounts themselves are pretty hot, as well. Rooms at The Bodyholiday LeSport resort in st. Lucia, Caribbean are down from $386-$506 per night for a single garden view room to $245-$315 per night. Not too shabby.

I’m also digging the lineup on the right side of the screen that shows you the upcoming sales for the next three days, that way you can start planning and pricing out flights.

While membership is free, it’s currently by invitation only. If you want to be invited and haven’t received an email, though, there’s an optional “I Want To Join” button on the sign-up page.

Bis bald, friends! I’m off to Rockywold-Deephaven Camp in Holderness, NH in a few weekends for my cousin’s nuptials. Should be an awesome time!

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