In the News: Cut Your Travel Costs


Insert money here for more traveling.

I meant to blog about this a few days ago when I first read it in the NY Times‚ but better late than never, right?


If you’re like me, you spent a lot more money than you have this season on gifts, parties, traveling to and from holiday shindigs, etc. So what we’re left with (or at least what I’m left with) is a dismal looking January credit card statement and a ton of travel plans for 2011 that I’m not sure how I will pay for.

That’s why I love the above article. I mean who wouldn’t love an article titled “11 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in 11.” I can’t wait until we get to a later year when the numbers get larger and writers have to give us even more travel cost-cutting tips to match up with the year (99 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in ’99 anyone?)

Anyway, I’ll spare you the details, because you can just read the piece, but let’s say “private sales,” “refund,” and “negotiating” are all words used in this piece.

Bis bald friends! And save up that money to go traveling!

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