In the News: Have $418, Will Travel

Worldwide travel, only $418? Yes, please!

My old college bff sent me a link to an article entitled ‘How to Travel Around the World for $418.’

I was intrigued.

According to the piece, Steve Kamb was interested in traveling around the world (I will raise my hand to this as well) for as little money as possible (ummm, ditto). The difference between myself and Steve, however, is that he actually took the time to figure out how to do it. For $418. His travel includes 35,000 miles, four continents, nine countries, and 15 cities. He’ll be flying to The Rock Boat on Jan. 6th, according to his current itinerary, and finishing off in Buenos Aires around Nov. 30th.

So how is he doing it for $418? It’s all about the miles, people. Keeping them. Tracking them. Using them properly. To be honest, it seems like a ton of work, but hey, if it got me a trip around the world for that cheap, I’d be down to do a little number crunching and get myself a rockin’ trip like he did.

Check out the link for Steve’s full itinerary and exactly how he managed to work his miles.

Thanks for the link, Shawnie! Bis bald, my friends!

One thought on “In the News: Have $418, Will Travel

  1. wouldn’t it be nice to drop everything and go?? 9-5 grind, buying and maintaining a house, etc, etc. sometimes i wonder about my priorities…

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