In The News: The Ins and Outs of the Home Swap

Here's a home. Would you like to swap it?

My DailyWorth newsletter had some awesome advice in it today about how to make sure you’re picking a reliable home to swap for your next vacay getaway. Here are some tips from the newsletter:

1. Use to pick a reliable home exchange site to start your international shopping. For the world’s coolest cities check out Geenee, and for the largest selection check out Homelink.

2. Cough up the money. According to the newsletter, most reliable networks charge a small membership fee, but it’s worth it because you’re more likely to get qualified, serious swappers. However, the swaps SHOULD BE FREE. If the site you’re using asks you to pay for the actual swap, it’s probably a scam. Check out Airbnb for some listings of homes that are for rent, instead.

3. Verify before you swap. Sure, it’s always a bit of a leap of faith, but read the reviews, Skype or chat via email or phone before you agree to anything—generally, just be sure you do your homework.

Happy swapping friends!

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