Life Lately: April Edition

Hi friends!

So this year is flying by, is it not? With trips to Saratoga Springs, Iceland, the Florida Keys and Colorado behind us, we can start to concentrate more on our 5,000 weddings throughout the summer and fall (it’s not really 5,000, but it is nine, which feels like 5,000 …), and our bigger travel plans for October and November.

In the meantime, though, I look forward to visiting with my friend in D.C. this week, and I love going back through old photos from the past few weeks. Here are some of my favorites …

1Guggenheim^^ I can’t get enough of the architectural gem that is the Guggenheim 

2Shuffleboard^^ Playing cards and shuffleboard at the new Royal Palms Shuffleboard bar in Brooklyn. 

3RoryCraft^^ Crafting for my nephew’s first birthday party.

4RoryBabysit^^ I spent a week babysitting this little man with my stepmom in Pennsylvania. So. Much. Fun!

5BusRain^^ Rainy city views from the local bus.

6PoopPaper^^ My husband has taken to making me personalized birthday wrapping paper every year.
This year’s version featured the poop emoticon, because apparently I use it. A lot.

7LisaKeys^^ Smiley happy faces in sunny Jupiter, Florida.

8BlueHeavenKeys^^ Dinner and drinks in Key West with some friends.

9Bridge^^ Gorgeous views on our trip to Marathon Key.

10PelicanKeys^^ Pelicans.

11JerseyLawn^^ Dad’s home from Saudi Arabia, and we spent a lovely day celebrating in Jersey.
(Including lots of time out on the grass in the front yard. That’s not weird or anything, right?)

12JBC^^ Some of my closest magazine friends. We met for some long overdue
drinks at The Campbell Apartments (remember that place?) a couple weeks ago.
Love you, ladies!

13ColoradoSquare^^ City views on our trip to Denver.

14RedRocks^^ The splendid, glorious Red Rocks.

15MeChrisColorado^^ Silly photos after what was probably our 10th brewery visit.
(Not in the same day, but still.)

16BethesdaFountain^^ Walking past the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park on my
way home from the doctor.  Not too shabby.

17Nugget^^ Happy belated Easter! Love Nugget, our bunny.

Bis bald, my friends!


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