Life Recently: Early Feb. 2014 Edition

As Chris and I get ready to leave for Iceland today (squeee!), I thought I’d throw up some photos from what’s been happening the last couple of (snow-filled) weeks …

photo 1^^ Glimpses of red on a snowy Reservoir walk in Central Park.

photo 2^^ The beautiful Reservoir view.

photo 3

photo 4^^ My mom’s pup, who was super excited about my last-minute, unexpected trip home last week.

photo 5^^This gorgeous lady is my grandmother, and today is her 92nd birthday. Happy birthday Grams!

photo 6^^Views from my trip home to my mom’s last week: the Hudson River and a
beautiful sunset taken while out on a walk with my mom and the pup.

photo 7^^ The East River.

photo 8

photo 9^^ Chris and I watched the Superbowl at a friend’s house in Brooklyn
last weekend. I snapped this on the way there.

photo 10 ^^ Snowy trails left for us by the most recent winter storm.

Bis bald, friends! I’ll be back next weekend with Iceland info! Oooooohhhhh. Aaaaahhhhhh.

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