Well folks, the time is finally (almost!) here. Today is moving dreadfully slow, but I do think I have my ducks in a row.

Applied for New York State drivers license this morning so I’m not leaving the country with an expired one? Check.

Boarding passes, hotel reservations, jungle excursion reservations printed? Check.

Note written for sister to take care of animals while we’re gone and food left readily accessible? Check.

Nails painted a lovely shade of bright, sunny Mexico? Check.

And the pedicure is on for tonight. I’m half-packed. I have three bathing suits in my bag, and some work out clothes for our jungle adventure. That’s right friends—our jungle adventure. Chris and I have booked a Hummer Jungle Tour for one of our days in Mexico, and by the looks of things, it’s pretty friggin’ awesome. Some of our adventures include:

Driving a hummer though the jungle and swamps

Exploring Mayan ruins(el Rey) and feeding more than 300 iguanas

Visiting a private Mayan reserve

Swimming and snorkeling in a sacred crystal cenote and using a zip line

Experiencing an amazing interactive zoo with real crocodiles

And I look forward to all these things, friends!

So until next time, with much more detail, bis bald! And have a fabulous weekend!

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