Note to self…

In the process of reading Grounded, author Seth Stevenson and his girlfriend, Rebecca, have so kindly done the research for me as to how I can circumnavigate the world, should I ever feel so inclined. Here’s the Crib Notes version:

1. Start and finish at the same place.

2. Cross all longitudinal meridians going in the same direction.

3. Cross the equator.

4. Cover at least 25,000 miles—the length of a great circle around the earth.

All good things to keep in mind, for a weary wanderer such as myself….

More on the book to come later. I’m on page 121, but I’m going as fast as I can!

Editor’s Note: The photo is purely for visual pleasure. For the sake of accuracy, I feel I should note that Seth and Rebecca are making their trek around the globe via all forms of transportation pertaining to the ground—hence the title ‘Grounded.’

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