Please Welcome the Newest Member of Our Weary Wanderer Team …

04-IMG-4.jpg^^^The (incredibly amazing) reason I’ve been MIA …

Hey friends! Sorry for the radio silence lately, but that precious little bub up above is the reason I’ve been so busy. Welcome Charlotte (aka Lotte) Marie Connor, our beautiful little baby girl who was born on July 27 at 2:30 in the morning.

Now I promise you that I’ll try to refrain from outright gushing, or from posting too many baby pics in the future, because at its heart, this is still my travel blog, and that means I’ll do my best to cover only travel related things. But for just this once, please allow me to divulge just a bit in baby pictures … because you only have your first kid once 😉

Also, these pictures make me sad, because Lotte isn’t even two months yet and how is it possible she’s grown and changed so much already? Parenthood. It’s crazy, am I right?

Welcome to the world, baby Lotte. Your dad and I promise to do our best to show you all the amazing things this world has to offer. That is, we promise to make you a Weary Wanderer, as well …

^^^ Our very first trip out of the house after heading home from the hospital was back to the hospital for my one-week check-up (thank you emergency c-section!). I think I look much more put together in this picture than I actually was, although my screwed up purse tells the real story 😉

^^^ Our first walk, which lasted about 10 minutes. Again, Lotte looks perfectly happy here, which isn’t the whole story 😉

^^^ Not the best shot of the onesie, but I couldn’t resist her little (almost) smiley face! “Made in America, With Australian Parts” … a big shout out to my sis for this amazing outfit!

^^^ The first time you put your child in her crib for a nap and you spend the entire time watching the monitor …

^^^ Our first ever trip out of the house that was not doctor related was to Boulder with my uncle and step-dad. We’ve had so many visitors and helpers these past few weeks, our family and friends have all been real life savers.

^^^ Lotte has also been to Denver, Red Rocks (pictured here) and Golden. Not all of these trips have been roaring successes, but I’m determined to keep at it! Hey – practice makes perfect, right?!

^^^ Baby cuddles = my new favorite thing in the world.

^^^ Someone is smitten with dad …
^^^ See what I mean?! How is Lotte so big already?! The first picture is from the day we brought her home from the hospital, compared with one on her one-month birthday. Same Pack ‘n Play, entirely bigger baby.


^^^ This hubs of mine now travels with a Ergobaby, and it’s kind of amazing.


It’s not smiles over here 24/7 people, to be sure, but I’d say more often than not we’re on Cloud 9, and we’re definitely starting to get into more of a routine (or at least as much as you can two months into parenting). I can’t wait for our first travels with this little one – in fact, we’re taking her to New York in November for Thanksgiving, which will be her first plane ride at the ripe ole’ age of four months, and we hope to get away for a weekend on a road trip somewhere in October before my maternity leave is over.

Traveling with a kid …. I think things are about to be a whole lot different for us 😉 We look forward to the challenge, and I look forward to getting back on here to update more frequently.

Until then, bis bald, friends!

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