A Philly Race for the Books!

Rockin' the 1/2 marathon medal

Hi friends!

What did I do this past Sunday? Oh, nothing much—just ran a cool 13.1 miles with my pops, that’s all 🙂

As I mentioned in previous posts, the fam and I headed down to Philly this past weekend for a little Rock & Roll half marathon action, and can I just say…it was pretty awesome! Not only was I incredibly proud of my dad for running the entire thing (and, ahem, myself as well. I mean, neither one of us really put our all into training this year, so it’s a miracle we even finished), but it was such an amazing feeling to be running through the empty (and hill-free!) streets of downtown Philly with 20,000 other people.

The weather was perfect for running, too—sunny and upper 60s.

So all-in-all, I’d say it was a pretty awesome trip. Here’s to doing it again—right dad ?!

P.S. As an aside, during some of our down time on Saturday we headed over to the Reading Terminal Market, which was a stone’s throw away from our hotel, the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott. What an amazing place! Lots of great bakeries, fresh produce and fish, chocolates and candy, delis and tons of other things. If you’re ever in the area, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Bret Michaels performed a concert after the race

Let’s Get Excited, People!

Awww—look at those fresh-faced kids! Straight off their first ever (well, for two of us, at least) 1/2 marathon! This photo was taken right after the More/Fitness 1/2 marathon I ran with some friends last year which, despite the torrential downpour, turned out to be a pretty amazing day.

So, as I remember last year’s triumph, I’m starting to get super stoked about the one this weekend! Sure, I haven’t trained as hard. Sure, I’ve never run this course before. Still, I’m convinced it’s going to be an awesome day. Not to jinx myself or anything, either, but the weather is supposed to be smashing in Philly this Sunday.

Fingers crossed!

And on top of the regular race day excitement, I’m also excited to be heading to Philly. I love Philly, and as I was packing my bag for tomorrow, I had to stop and ponder when the last time was that I was packing a bag for a real trip.

It was Prince Edward Island, people! THREE months ago! My, how time flies. That feels like yesterday and so far away, all at the same time…

Anyway, all I can really say is I’m excited. I’m excited for the trip. I’m excited for the weather. And I’m excited for the run.

Now I just hope my dad feels the same way….

Bis bald, friends! Wish us luck!