In the News: Airlines Are Actually Making a Profit. Shocker

In case anyone out there was actually worried about the airlines (I mean, why would a company need to charge for crazy things like toilet usage if it was actually doing ok?), it appears they are actually doing okay. The third quarter results are in and—shockingly—the airlines actually made money off of us (insert gasp here).

Here’s the breakdown:

U.S. Airways: $420 million profit
United: $387 million profit
Continental: $354 million profit
Delta: $363 million profit
AirTran: $36 million profit
Southwest Airlines: $205 million
JetBlue: $59 million

And while I can’t imagine how much money it takes to actually keep an airplane in tip top shape (and believe me, we want them in tip top shape!), I still can’t help but wonder if all the wacky fees we’ve been hearing about as of late are really necessary….