Back in the Borough: Bike NY Complete

That's my stepdad on the right

Welcome guest blogger (drum roll please!)—my stepdad, Robert! Robert and his friend, Ed, completed a huge task this weekend—the completion of Bike New York, a five borough bikefest throughout this great city. Check out their highlights:

We left at 4:20 a.m. and arrived at 6 a.m., just two blocks from the Ferry, and started about 4 blocks from the main start. There was lots of fire and excitement. It was cold to start, but we had beach balls, Doctor J and Betty Boop to keep us company. During the ride we saw a biking penguin and lots of people from all over.

It was a great, sunny day. The only tragedy was someone who really wiped out in Central Park, and we saw some serious near misses.

It was 42 miles of some painful ramps (BQE and VZ Bridge), but good fun. Saw the Statue of Liberty, Radio City, Empire State building and the rebuilding of Ground Zero. We took the Staten Island ferry with only other bikers.

Check that one off the bucket list!

Waiting to start

The end is near
Mission accomplished!

Bis bald, friends! Are you working on your bucket list?