A Non “11” List for 2011

Melbourne, Australia made the list of 41 places for 2011. Been there, loved that.

I blogged the other day about the cliché of writers using the last two digits of a year to equal the number of suggestions they need to make—11 ways to cut on travel costs in 2011, etc. But here’s a number that appears to be completely arbitrary (and large!). The 41 Places to Go in 2011.

Of course, with locations like Chile, Thailand, Iceland (that’s one of my new travel goals, remember?!), and Milan making the top of the list, these suggestions may be for those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to spend thousands on travel (I, sadly, am not one of those).

Still, a few of the places seem attainable, and maybe even a few of the attainable places thrown in one lavish spot could be do-able? Park City, Utah, doesn’t seem all that out-of-reach. Neither does London or Olympic Park, Washington, or Durham, North Carolina.

Will you be visiting any of these 41 places this year?

Bis bald, friends!