A Spa Day to Treasure: Bella Vista Holiday Spa

Thanks to Auntie M for a fabulous spa weekend

This past weekend I hopped a train upstate to join my Auntie M in a little R&R for my birthday (best birthday gift…EVER! Thanks Auntie!)

As excited as I was for the mani and pedi (trust me, both were desperately needed!) I was equally as nervous about the facial. I had never had one before, and my skin hasn’t always been the best, so needless to say I was a bit worried. As is my motto in life, though, if I never try it, how will I ever know? So I was all kinds of on-board.

Auntie M took me to her favorite relaxation haunt— the Bella Vista Holiday Spa. Located in Westtown, New York, this cute little place has fabulous views of the hills and valleys of Orange County, and a very home-ey feel from the second you walk in the door. Upon entering, we were immediately whisked away into the changing area so we could envelop ourselves in the fabulous comfy robes (this after our bottle of wine was put in the fridge to cool, of course).

Chillin in a robe with some wine on a rainy Saturday. Fabulous

For the first part of the day Auntie and I received manis and pedis while we chatted and drank our wine. Afterwards, the staff whisks you away into the hang out/dining area where we were served a scrumptious lunch. And wine, of course. And, even more cute, Auntie had mentioned to the staff that I was a vegetarian, so in lieu of the traditional chicken salad, I was served mine with a side of two hard-boiled eggs. Too cute!

pretty purple toes
my salad and eggs

After our lunch came the scary part (or what I thought would be the scary part…)—the facial. I had heard horror stories of the poking and prodding that can go on during facials (I’ll save those of you who haven’t experienced it from the exact deets!). So I was nervous, to say the least.

But let me tell you…this was nothing like that. The facials lasted for an hour, during which I was scrubbed, washed, moisturized, and massaged just the perfect amount. Who knew that they massage your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and feet, as well? It was a fabulous little surprise.

As for the poking and picking—I kind of liked it. Is that weird? Maybe it was just the woman I had who did mine (and who was kind enough to answer the thousands of questions I had), but I would certainly do it all over again, and I plan to.

And to top it all off, a handful of people have even complimented my skin and complexion at work today. Score!

Bis bald, friends! And a special thanks again to my very special Auntie for treating me to such a wonderful birthday present!