A Valentine’s Day Trip to Tarrytown

ImageHey friends,

Chris and I just arrived back from our Valentine’s Day trip to Tarrytown, a quaint little town about 45 minutes north of the city, and I have to say–I loved everything about it. Since it’s winter it was obviously a bit freezing outside, and some of the stores in the town and some of the historical sites were closed for the winter months, but still, we managed to have an awesome time just the same.

Here’s what we got up to.

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A Valentine’s Day Weekend Retreat

Hey friends!

So Chris and I are about to leave for our first Valentine’s Day weekend as old marrieds 😉 We are heading to the Tarrytown House Estate, and I’m super excited! Post soon to follow with the details.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Valentine’s weekend … bis bald!

I made this tasty treat for Valentine’s Day….yum!

Click here for the full recipe.

Happy (belated!) Valentine’s Day Friends!

In honor of the day of love (you know, yesterday….oooops. Sorry about that!), check out my latest Aol post on 10 Wacky Romantic Hotel Rooms. Hey, who doesn’t need a little heart-shaped bed and 6-foot champagne hot tub in their life?

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

Bis bald, friends!