The 52 Project: April 13, 2015

Roof_View^^ I actually could have picked from any number of photos to post for today’s 52 Project, since Chris and I had a pretty full week and weekend. We attended the launch of a new app competition — headed by one of Chris’s former co-workers from an agency in Manhattan — as well as two parties for the Rockie’s Home Opener on Friday. We hit up closing weekend at Keystone on Saturday (which was glorious in all of its emptiness!), and went for a run down by the Platte River last night after a day full of chores and getting stuff done. This photo, however, was taken as we relaxed on our rooftop, beers in hand, and listened to the game going on in the stadium at the end of the day. Only one other person was up there at the same time, grilling up his dinner on the communal grill as we chilled, and I thought: Huh. Now this is starting to feel like home.

Bis bald, friends!


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