The 52 Project: April 27, 2015

^^ Well friends, we seem to be closing out April with rain showers pretty much every single day. This past week was pretty relaxing. I’m working on my first story for 5280: Denver’s Magazine, which is exciting, and I attended an essential oils party yesterday, which was something I had never done before. (Do any of you believe in that stuff? Do you use it? What for?) We also booked our flights and the Airbnb apartment for our trip to Japan next February for Chris to run his 6th and final World Marathon — wahoo!!! We’re super excited about this trip, and plan to travel around a bit while we’re there, as well … but more on that to come later. For now I’m looking forward to visits from my mom and stepdad over Mother’s day weekend, my best friend in early June and a group trip out to Moab at the end of May. Here’s to happier weather in May, my friend! Bis bald! (Oh and p.s. The above photo was taken on my walk back from the eye doctor — I just love the area near Union Station. It’s so quaint and historic …


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