The 52 Project: December 1

Snow_Image^^ Holy cow, did I just write my first December 52 Project post?? Does that mean I may actually be close to successfully completing this series in its entirety for the year? Amazing. So as you can tell from this photo, which I took from my mom’s front window, it’s been looking a whole lot like December around here. A big ole’, beautiful snowstorm hit last Wednesday (right before Thanksgiving), and managed to make everything super gorgeous. On top of that, Chris and I were lucky enough to have two awesome  Thanksgivings — one here in upstate NY with my mom’s contingency, and the other in Jersey with my dad and those lovely peeps. We now officially leave for Australia in one week (wahoo!), so I’m pretty sure these next few days will simply fly by. Happy December friends — here’s to making the most of the holidays! I’ll be back tomorrow with the first installments of our Ecuador trip.


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