The 52 Project: December 21, 2015

IMG_3762.JPG^^ Well, friends, Christmas week is upon us, and I am beyond ready for some rest and rejuvenation.  Chris headed to the mountains this past weekend (where he sent me the above photo), while I stayed home and relaxed and caught up on my magazines and Netflix. We’ll be heading to the mountains again for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, since we rented a cabin there. It’s our first Christmas without any family, and while I’m excited for our plans, I’m ready to feel a bit nostalgic for the Christmas’s of yore with family running around, as well. My big ole’ year-end update is coming up soon (we took in a lot of these beautiful United States the past 12 months), so I look forward to putting that together and moving on to 2016. Bis bald, friends!


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