The 52 Project: June 1, 2015

Urban_Winery^^ Well, welcome to June, my friends! At the end of this month we will be half way through this year, and I simply cannot believe that. Am I doing everything I want to be doing this year? I’m not sure. My main goal, I know, was to get acclimated to Denver, and I do think we’ve been doing a lot around here to try to make that happen. Take, for example, Friday night. We started at The Infinite Monkey Theorem, where the wine is made in stainless steel tanks right in their back yard. We went with some friends, and afterwards we headed to Park Burger, which had one of the tastier veggie burgers I’ve had in Denver. These days, the sign of a good night includes good friends and discovering something new about this new town of ours, so I think it’s safe to say Friday was a hit. Bis bald, friends!


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