Where (and WHAT?!) in the World?

Sure, we can go cage diving in South Africa. That's totally do-able.

Today my boyfriend sent me this link in an email titled “Maybe Some Day.”

As background, we were in good ole’ Jersey this weekend for Easter, and my step mom mentioned  how Anderson Cooper had gone diving with the sharks.

I think that set him off (although, why specifically in South Africa, I’m not sure). So, I figured, why not find out a little bit more about this cage diving in South Africa in case, you know, some day we actually do it.

First things first, you do NOT have to be a certified diver to plunge into this deep-sea adventure. And the site even brags that “it’s not unusual to see 4 meter Great Whites as they feed on the area’s large seal population.” I guess some people would think that’s a cool thing.

Gansbaii is located about 160 km southeast of Cape Town, South Africa, and a $325 package through this Cage Diver operation comes included with all activities, a guide service with certified and registered tour guides, transfers, meals including breakfast, a light lunch, snacks and post dive drinks (seriously, I’d need more than one of those) and equipment (you know, wetsuit, weightbelt, mask, air….AIR! The norm)

My favorite part of this site is their safety section, which lets us know that no serious accidents have been recorded in 10 years of cage diving (I wonder what a non-serious accident is when you’re talking about sharks).

You actually don’t have to travel all the way to Africa to enjoy some shark-snuggling, though. This specific company also offers diving opportunities in California, the Bahamas and Isla Guadalupe.

Bis bald my friends—and happy shark diving to you!

2 thoughts on “Where (and WHAT?!) in the World?

  1. Watch the great white shark breaching video on the left hand side of the site…WICKED!

  2. I am sitting in Langebaan, other side the Cape Point, but stayed near where you want to go for about a year or so. If you do come, make sure it is when the whales are here. Two birds with one stone, in a manner of speaking.

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