Where In The World: Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ

Snowboarding at Mountain Creek in New Jersey

This past weekend Chris, Steph and I took a trip upstate to my aunt and uncles for what has become an annual ski/snowboard adventure. Last year I didn’t head over to the hill (otherwise known as Mountain Creek), but this year I decided to try my luck at snowboarding. Unfortunately for Steph, Chris, and my uncle, they are all a lot better than I am, so I may have slowed them down a bit. But it was still a great time. I even took a lesson, which I highly recommend for anyone trying to learn how to snowboard or ski. It was my second lesson, and even though I hardly ever get out there to snowboard, I finally do feel like I’m starting to pick it up.

Thanks to Auntie M for having delicious food ready for us when we came home

Bis bald, friends! And be careful out there on all your own ski and snowboarding adventures!

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