Where in the World?

A Friday Mosque overlooks Harbor Bay in capital city Moroni

I felt like learning about a new place today. So I took a quick hop, skip and click over the National Geographic site to look up African countries. Some of them seem so familiar (even though, sadly, I’ve never been to Africa…yet).

There’s Botswana, Congo, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania…the list goes on and on.

I felt like learning about Comoros, because I’ve never heard of this place before. Keep reading to see what I found out …

Comoros has a population of 671,000 people in an area of 719 square miles of land. The Comoros people speak Arabic, French and Shikomoro, and they are Sunni Muslim and Roman Catholic in religion.
If you travel there, you will need to pick up some Comoran franc’s, the currency of choice.
According to good ole’ National Geographic, The Camoros are a group of volcanic islands in the Mozambique Channel between northern Madagascar and Africa, and the people share African-Arab origins.
Unfortunately, 18 or so coups, or attempted coups, since their independence has created great instability in the area—meaning it unfortunately may not be the place of choice to take your next family vacation.

Until next time, bis bald, my friends…

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