Back in the (different) Borough: Brooklyn Approved

Grand Army Plaza, the entrance to Prospect Park in Brooklyn

Having now spent a full weekend of my life in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I can safely say—Brooklyn is pretty awesome.

As a dog sitter for the weekend, I had my work cut out for me. Three walks a day, twice-daily feedings, and tons and tons of patting and loving was to be done. Still, I found time to do a little exploring of my own. Friday night I took a walk through Prospect Park, which was much more low-key than Central Park (I even took Molly the dog there early Sunday morning so she could run around sans leash with some doggie friends), and ordered delicious food from vegetarian-friendly ‘Snice.

I checked out the bocce bar with my boyfriend and some friends on Saturday, got some ice cream and walked around the beautiful, brownstone infested streets in the neighborhood, and checked out a street fair on Sunday (where I bought some delicious, locally grown pickles).

All in all, I’d say that if I ever had enough money to actually live in Brooklyn—Park Slope would certainly be top on my list of places to check out first.

In other news—Chris and I are still deciding where to go for our trip next month. Although we had both decided that the Keys was making its way to the top of our list, worry about the BP oil and mosquitos and money has been pushing it further and further down the list lately. So we’re considering somewhere more local now, we just don’t know where that place might be.

Also, Oktoberfest is now NEXT MONTH! I’ll definitely have to check up on how to make the most out of a beer festival

Bis bald, friends!

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