Back in the (Different) Borough: To Be a Brooklynite

This weekend I’ll be house-and-dog-and-cat sitting in Brooklyn. And even though Brooklyn is just a hop, skip and a subway ride away, it still feels like a mini vacation to me.

Plus, I really don’t know much about the borough at all, so I’m really excited to get the chance to explore it a bit more. I’m told I’ll be close to a park, and can ride bikes and go to the Brooklyn Flea and to a bar with two indoor bocce courts or to The Bell House, should I feel like partying it up a bit.

Or, if nothing else, I can hang out in my friend’s back yard (because in Brooklyn people actually have back yards).

I’ll have to share all of my what I’m sure will be fabulous adventures with you when I’m back in my own borough…

Till that time, bis bald, friends!

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