In the News: Next Time You Fly, Make it With a European Airline

Get a nicer meal than this—it could be on your airlines tab

You learn something new every single day—at least that’s what they tell me.

Today I learned from this NY Times article that in Europe, airlines are required to pay penalties of up to 600 euroes (approximately $750), when a problem occurs for a passenger and it is the carrier’s fault. That’s nice, right? Right. But what about this? They are even responsible for covering hotel rooms and meals when the problem is not their fault—ala the recent rumblings of a certain volcano that kept many people grounded at the tail ends of their European adventures.

Not too shabby.

The article points out another nice little catch as well. The law apparently applies to any European Union airline flying to or from a member state—including all flights departing from the European Union, regardless of the passengers’ nationality. So if you happen to be flying American, Delta, Continental, United or US Airways from Europe to anywhere else in the world, you too are covered by these laws, my friend.

Take a look at the article for more info on international flight rules and how to pursue a claim.

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