Jamaica in Photos

Hi Friends!

So last night, at around midnight, Chris and I arrived back in NYC after our trip to Jamaica for our cousins wedding.


It’s so sad to come home from a trip, especially one that was as fun as this one to Jamaica was. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, the Iberostar Suites, in Montego Bay, Chris and I sharing a room with my sister, which was totally fun (well, for us it was! I’m pretty sure Jen would say she definitely knows Chris a bit better after that experience).

All in all, the five days we spent in Jamaica were amazing. It was fun to hang out with the entire family, and the weather was great. The only time we had rain was late one afternoon while some of us were visiting the little shacks off the hotel property (ominously labeled by the sign: “Enter at your own risk”) where local people sold goods they had, allegedly, made. We bought a painting and some wooden pooh bots, with each and every seller offering Chris a hit of their weed, as well.

He declined, of course.

And somehow, despite all the drinking and sitting around in the sun by the pool and the beach that we did (and trust me, we did a lot of this), we managed to be a bit active. We did water aerobics in the ocean (taught by one of the many beautiful staff workers at the Iberostar), and Chris, my dad, Judy and I also decided to test out the snorkeling that was available from the hotel, which was amazing.

We went to a beach party that included lots of provocative dancing and a fire-eating dancer, and went to a disco. With my dad. I went to a disco with my dad.

I got stung by a jellyfish, and, perhaps most importantly, revealed to my dad and Judy that I had a tattoo. After having waited years to tell my dad this, when I finally did tell him that I had a tattoo, his response was: “I know. I saw it on the boat.”

Sheesh, it was anticlimactic.

Anyway, here are some visual memories:

The ladies taking on some water aerobics


Fire dancer!
Midnight beach walking

The fam


The happy newlyweds!

Off to snorkel!

The spear fisherman who we gave a ride back to the shore after snorkeling caught all these fish! With a spear!

And that’s about it, my friends! Here’s hoping some of my family reads this and shares their own memories (hint, hint!).

Here’s to the next trip—Key West in January with the sisters.

Bis bald, friends!

Jamaica! In T-9 Days…

Jamaica in November
Jamaica !!

Hey friends! So it’s only 9 days left until our trip to Jamaica … so exciting!

Our brochure and tickets (actual plane tickets! Do you even remember what those look like?!) came in the mail the other day, and we are so, so, so excited!

And speaking of trips, as this year begins to wind down (which, by the way, I seriously can’t believe…), I’m starting to get really excited for the trips I have planned for next year (as is usually the case with me).

Here’s what’s on tap (hopefully) for next year:

  • Key West in January with my sisters
  • Costa Rica in April with Chris
  • New Orleans with Lisa at some point
  • Berlin, Munich, Rome and Venice with Chris and some other friends for the Berlin marathon and Oktoberfest in September/October

Man I love traveling 🙂

Bis bald, friends!