Jamaica! In T-9 Days…

Jamaica in November
Jamaica !!

Hey friends! So it’s only 9 days left until our trip to Jamaica … so exciting!

Our brochure and tickets (actual plane tickets! Do you even remember what those look like?!) came in the mail the other day, and we are so, so, so excited!

And speaking of trips, as this year begins to wind down (which, by the way, I seriously can’t believe…), I’m starting to get really excited for the trips I have planned for next year (as is usually the case with me).

Here’s what’s on tap (hopefully) for next year:

  • Key West in January with my sisters
  • Costa Rica in April with Chris
  • New Orleans with Lisa at some point
  • Berlin, Munich, Rome and Venice with Chris and some other friends for the Berlin marathon and Oktoberfest in September/October

Man I love traveling 🙂

Bis bald, friends!

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