Fields of Lavender and a Festival Not to Be Missed at Chatfield Farms

Happy Monday, friends — I hope you all had fabulous weekends! The fam and I made a new tradition on Saturday by hitting up the Lavender Festival at the Chatfield Farms branch of the Denver Botanic Gardens. We had been here once before (for their Christmas celebration last year), and we were super impressed then, but that event was a night so we didn’t get to fully partake in the glory that is Chatfield Farms.

And let me tell you – it’s glorious, friends.

We didn’t know that this lavender festival was something we needed in our lives, but I promise you that we will be trying to make it every year from now on. There were all sorts of lavender products (not to mention the beautiful lavender fields to walk through), as well as pony rides (Lotte had her first!), face painting, train and tractor rides, live music, an awesome playground, lavender demonstrations and so much more. We just had the best time. If you do decide to ever hit up this festival if you happen to be in the area, my suggestion is to go as soon as it opens. It opened at 9 a.m. on Saturday and when we arrived a little before 9, we were already being directed to the second overflow parking lot because it was so busy. (Which Lotte didn’t mind one bit, because they had tractors available to ride people over to the festival site!)

Tickets were $7 per adult and free for kids under 14, so that was an amazing deal, and by getting there early we avoided the hottest part of the day, not to mention the huge lines that formed for the pony rides, face painting, etc. We were first in line for all those fun things and we ticked ’em off as soon as we entered, which meant we could spend the rest of the time meandering, exploring, and grabbing food at two of the tasty food trucks (fish/chicken/shrimp tacos and mac and cheese for the win!) before having a quick little picnic and heading out by 11:30.

It was just the best way to spend a Saturday.

We’re off to New York on Wednesday for our jam-packed 13-day trip filled with rehearsal dinners and weddings, farm stays, a visit to New York City and, oh yeah no big deal … MY BABY TURNING THREE! I cannot. We’ll be celebrating in style with an astronaut/space-themed party upstate, though, so that should be a blast. Bis bald, friends! Hope you’re staying cool in this heat!


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