Sunflowers, Friends & Family, Farm Animals and Unbeatable Views in New York


Happy Tuesday, friends! We’re still here in New York, where we’ve been since last Wednesday, and we have done all. of. the. things.

We flew in. Rented our car. Drove to Liberty State Park. Spent one night at my sister’s before driving to stay with my friend at her place in Woodstock. Threw Lotte a third birthday party. Drove back to my sister’s. Visited my grandmother in the hospital. Took family photos at an amazing sunflower farm near my sister’s house and, today, I babysat all three babes while my sister, Brian and Chris worked.

Phew! And we aren’t even halfway through!

Tomorrow we’re off to New York City with the girls, then Thursday is a birthday extravaganza for Lotte that my sister has planned, and then Friday we’re off to Albany for my cousin’s wedding festivities. The girls are having just about the best time they could possibly have and I, while exhausted, am, too 😉

Bis bald, friends! Please enjoy our vacation so far, courtesy of the 7,000 photos I’ve taken 😉

^^ Liberty State Park is our new favorite tradition. This was the second time we’ve stopped there on our way from Newark to my sister’s place, and both times it’s been just the most glorious. The girls can run around and get their kicks out, and the views cannot be beat.

^^ Selfies with tired children who haven’t napped all day and only want to play on the amazing playground that’s so close!

^^ My niece … aka the real reason we come 😉

^^ Lotte slept every nap and every night in the tent in my friend’s basement in her Woodstock home, and I think it will forever be her favorite memory.

^^ Glorious views from Carla’s backyard.

^^ MY BABY IS THREE!!! I am still in denial, but in the meantime, we threw her a space-themed shindig, complete with a dad-created rocketship cake (which Lotte said was her favorite part of the whole party), tons of friends and family, a space tent, a ball pit, a splash pad and a blow-up slide/pool, plus Dippin’ Dots, my friends! Who even knew you could order Dippin’ Dots?! I do now 😉 They were the hit of the party, for sure.

^^ My gorgeous birthday girl <3

^^ I cannot with these two <3

^^ On Monday night we visited the Sunflower Valley Farm for family photos, and it was so spectacular.

^^ They even had baby cows and goats, which of course we could not tear the girls away from.


And that was six days in 70-something photos – not too shabby 😉

Happy summer, friends!

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