In The News: Expedia summer sale starts tomorrow, boasts big savings

I’m hoping to make Brussels one of my vacation destinations this summer

According to this USA Today piece, Expedia will launch its annual summer sales tomorrow with a record number of available properties.

I know one person who will be checking out that sale—this girl! On the docket for the rest of the year are:

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico—IN THREE DAYS!


Chicago (potential)—early October

Brussels and Spain (potential)—some time in July/August with one of my favorite traveling buddies

Additionally, my lovely father wrote myself and my two sisters a few days ago to say that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to use up his miles this year, so if said sisters and I can get our acts together to pick a time and place, he may be happy to shoot us over there with them. Fabulous! Now we just need to work on that time and place….

Still, with all the plans, I feel like I could stick something else in there over the summer for a long weekend.

Bis bald friends! Hope your summer plans are shaping up nicely…..

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