Last-minute Fall Getaways in Colorado Springs

Happy Monday, friends! It’s been a little nuts around here lately, so when our realtor recommended that we go away for the weekend while she had our open houses to sell our home (yes … we’re selling our first-ever family home … and that’s all I have to say about that for now), I really balked at the idea. We’ve been so busy, and the girls have been sick, and all I really wanted to do was lay in my own bed all weekend (obviously not an option anyway) with a cup of hot chocolate and a book.

But we decided to go away, since leaving the house on the spur of the moment for hours a time for showings didn’t sound like much fun either … and at the end of the day, I’m glad we did. It was nice to get a little breather away from the house (which has been the center of a lot of our stress, to be honest) and to spend some time in the mountains in fall. We ended up booking this place in Colorado Springs, which was actually part of a larger home in a gorgeous neighborhood, but we had our own entrance and it was completely cut off from the rest of the house, so it ended up being really nice.

Here’s what we ended up spending:

The Money Rundown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

  1. Accommodation: We paid $302.95 for two nights, even though we only ended up heading over there on Saturday morning. We wanted to be sure we had an early spot to get to so the girls could nap and we could unwind a bit. We also paid an additional $50 to check out later on Sunday.
  2. Food: We spent $59 on brunch on the way into Colorado Springs, and then spent $72.03 on groceries when we got there. We also got Chipotle for dinner for ourselves on Saturday night, but we had a two-for-one entree card so that was only $8 — score 😉
  3. Transportation: One of the best things about going to a place where we’ve already been numerous times was the fact that we didn’t feel pressured to do too much. We had some plans to see some different things, but the place had its own little playground on our side of the house, and Sunday turned out to be a horrible windy and cold day, so we ended up just hanging around the house, playing in the backyard, and watching movies in front of the fire. Oh and also playing some of the fun vintage video games they had in the house, like Pac-Man.
  4. Entertainment: See above … we spent $0 on entertainment.

TOTAL: $483.98

^^ On the way into Colorado Springs we stopped off in Parker for an early lunch. Lotte was actually born in Parker, and we passed by the hospital where I had her, which brought back oh-so-many memories 😉 We had never been to the downtown area of Parker, though, and it was adorable!

^^ Brunch at La Petite Creperie was delightful and hilarious. We ordered a chocolate and banana crepe, a strawberries and creme one, a ham and gruyere and a salmon and cream cheese one. The girls barely touched the sweet ones, with Lotte opting for the ham one and Grace lovin’ up on the salmon one. Kids, man. Just when you think you have them figured out …


IMG_9161^^ To be honest, I wasn’t so sure about this place when we first drove up. You park in the driveway of the owner’s home, and then the entrance to the cottage is around the back and to the side. We definitely did run into the owners twice, so if you’d prefer a spot with total privacy, this isn’t for you. If you don’t mind potentially running into the people who you’re renting from, however, then this place is wonderful.

^^ Views from the backyard.

^^ The private playground for the girls was definitely a perk!

^^ As were the vintage games, like this Pac-Man!

^^ Just down the road was a goat paddock, and you could walk right up to the fence where the goats were grazing. We went to check them out Sunday morning, but we only ended up staying a couple minutes because of the wind.


And that was our quick little getaway in a nutshell, my friends. It was fairly relaxing (although hard to be too relaxed when you’re thinking about what’s going on back at your home!), and the place really was a lot of fun. I hope you’re all spending as much time outside during this fabulous fall as possible … and cheers to a brand new week!

Bis bald!

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