Life Recently

Boy, January sure does drag on friends … am I right?

Here’s a bit of what’s been happening lately.

photo 1^^At Terminal 5 on New Year’s Eve, aka our one-year wedding anniversary/ 7-year dating anniversary!

photo 2^^ The crazy band that started it all. If you ever have the opportunity to go see them — do it!
Such a good show … so much fun.

photo 3^^ Gorgeous one-year anniversary flowers from the hubs.

photo 4^^ New year, new do.

photo 5^^ Loved this old-timey bookstore in Saratoga Springs.

photo 6^^ Saratoga Springs was still all dolled up for the holidays when we went for our
one year anniversary trip, much to my delight.

photo 7^^ Tasty, fun and eclectic — that’s how we like our restaurants.

photo 8^^ A frozen Hudson River, waiting for the train back into the city from Beacon.

photo 9^^ Passing the funky Cooper Union building on our way to see STOMP last weekend.

photo 10^^ We also passed McSorley’s, the oldest Irish tavern in NYC.

photo 11^^ Astor Place subway stop.

photo 12^^ I will always take my lattes with a heart or leaf now, please. (Courtesy of Cafe Mocha)

photo 13^^ This is an old photo I found of my former view from my bedroom in my apartment at Normandy Court.
I found it for a little something I’m working on for the blog … you’ll just have to wait and see 😉

Bis bald, friends! Hope everyone’s keeping occupied while winter drags on …