Back in the Borough: Caffeine Up in NYC


Happy Thursday, my friends! Today I’m talking about something that is near and dear to my heart — awesome places to caffeine up in NYC. I absolutely love a good cup of coffee, and a bad cup of coffee just makes me so, so sad. I’ve scoured this great city of mine for awesome spots to grab some coffee [and tea!], and this list, I think, is sure to make any caffeine addict happy.

So drink up, my friends!

Where to Caffeine Up in NYC

  1. Alice’s Tea Cup for tea:  Herbal. White. Red. Organic. Green. Black. Name a tea, and Alice’s is sure to have it. Tea arrives in your own personal tea pot, and be sure to throw in an amazing scone with your drink for good measure. [P.S. There are three Alice’s locations in the city: one in midtown, one in the UES and one in the UWS, so you know, it’s pretty convenient.]
  2. Cafe Mocha for lattes and cappuccinos:  Chris and I hit up Cafe Mocha after seeing STOMP at the beginning of this year, and it quickly became one of my faves. This East Village gem is charming around the holidays with its cute little twinkle lights, and the cappuccinos are fantastic. If you happen to be hungry, as well, try a tasty crepe — they come in so many varieties, you’re sure to find one you like.
  3. The Palm Court at The Plaza for the atmosphere: About two years ago now, Chris’s parents were visiting from Australia and had a hankering to try out the fancy tea service at The Palm Court in The Plaza hotel. If you’re looking for a place where you can wear your fanciest duds and sip on extravagant teas [extravagant in both presentation and price], then this is the place for you.
  4. Dean & Deluca for convenience: Felicity may have made it famous for kids my age, but Dean & Deluca has been delighting caffeine lovers in NYC since 1977. With locations in the Rockefeller Center Plaza, SOHO market and the Madison Market and Espresso Bar, this is truly a busy tourists coffee dream come true.
  5. Crumbs for a quick, tasty to-go option: Although Crumbs is mostly famous for its insanely humongous cupcake options, I personally have found the coffee there to be mighty tasty as well.
  6. Dying to try: Stumptown: I’m hearing good buzz about Stumptown, my friends, but I’ve not yet been able to try it for myself. If anyone’s been, I’d love to hear how it compares!

So that’s my caffeine list, my friends, I hope it helps! Next up on my NYC tour — amazing places to grab some sweet treats!

Bis bald!



Life Recently

Boy, January sure does drag on friends … am I right?

Here’s a bit of what’s been happening lately.

photo 1^^At Terminal 5 on New Year’s Eve, aka our one-year wedding anniversary/ 7-year dating anniversary!

photo 2^^ The crazy band that started it all. If you ever have the opportunity to go see them — do it!
Such a good show … so much fun.

photo 3^^ Gorgeous one-year anniversary flowers from the hubs.

photo 4^^ New year, new do.

photo 5^^ Loved this old-timey bookstore in Saratoga Springs.

photo 6^^ Saratoga Springs was still all dolled up for the holidays when we went for our
one year anniversary trip, much to my delight.

photo 7^^ Tasty, fun and eclectic — that’s how we like our restaurants.

photo 8^^ A frozen Hudson River, waiting for the train back into the city from Beacon.

photo 9^^ Passing the funky Cooper Union building on our way to see STOMP last weekend.

photo 10^^ We also passed McSorley’s, the oldest Irish tavern in NYC.

photo 11^^ Astor Place subway stop.

photo 12^^ I will always take my lattes with a heart or leaf now, please. (Courtesy of Cafe Mocha)

photo 13^^ This is an old photo I found of my former view from my bedroom in my apartment at Normandy Court.
I found it for a little something I’m working on for the blog … you’ll just have to wait and see 😉

Bis bald, friends! Hope everyone’s keeping occupied while winter drags on …

Back in the Borough: A Day Date (and new fave coffee place)

Every single time Chris and I walk past the Orpheum Theater in the East Village one of us says, “We’ve really got to check out STOMP some time.”

What’s STOMP, you ask? It’s over an hour and a half of awesome fun, is what it is! No but seriously, the cast of nine runs around the stage in perfectly choreographed movements, making insanely awesome music with the most ridiculous of objects. Trash cans. Lighters. Brooms. Mops.  Shopping carts. (Chris and I later marveled at that last one. I mean — have you been to a grocery store lately? It’s practically impossible to get those things to go in a straight line, let alone swirl them around the stage like these guys were doing!)

So for our anniversary, I bought us tickets to check it out, which we did this past Saturday.

photo 1 (47)

photo 2 (50)

photo 3 (47)^^ You aren’t supposed to take photos inside, but you know me … I’m a rebel!

This is a really fantastic show, friends, especially if you have kids and are looking for some entertainment cheaper (and more thrilling, I dare say!) than Broadway. Seriously — the little kids in the audience were eating it up, giggling away the whole time! There was a lot more humor than we expected, actually. It’s now high on my recommend list for visitors.

After the show I really had to pee, so we ducked into the little coffee shop on the corner of the street — Cafe Mocha.

photo 4 (41)

I’m so glad we did, because it was the cutest little place! They still had their twinkling Christmas lights up, it was pouring down rain outside and we squeezed into our seats and ordered a cappuccino (me) and a latte (Chris), along with a seriously delicious banana and chocolate crepe.

photo 5 (38)

[They had a great selection of wine, espressos and tapas, too!]

Not a bad way to spend (another) anniversary date my friends! Bis bald!

P.S. The Iceland planning (only a little more than three weeks away now!) has begun in earnest, and I get more and more excited the more I read about this place!