In The News: Airlines Cashed In On Baggage Fees Last Year

You'll never guess how much airlines made off these bad boys last year

Well, we knew this day was coming. The day when we get the final total for how much the airlines made off of us—the suspecting passengers—on baggage fees.

It’s worse than you thought.

U.S. airlines collected $5.7 BILLION in fees alone last year, with baggage fees being the top source of fee-based revenue.

Another big income-maker for the airlines? Change-of-ticket and cancellation fees. That brought in $2.29 billion.

Holy cow. It’s time to ditch those extra bags and just carry on, people (yes, Chris, I said it. And I may even take my own advice now that I see how much extra money these airlines are making off of us).

Want tips on how to avoid baggage fees? Who doesn’t, right? Check out this USA Today piece for ideas.