In the News: Not a Student? Get a Discount Anyway

I never did enough research back when I was a student to jump on the discounted student travel bandwagon, but I wish I had. There are tons of companies out there, like STA Travel, that offer great prices for students who want or need to travel.

Turns out, I may not have missed my chance. According to this NY Times piece, student travel agencies are actually looking to nonstudents and older travelers to share in the discount fun.

The down side? According to the piece, discounted trips seem to be an appeasement in an economy where travel costs are rising. In fact, according to the article the average ticket for the most popular spring break travel itinerary with a Saturday departure and Sunday return is $418, which is up $57, or 16%, from last year.

Good thing I have no plans to travel with the student break crowd this year.